Monday, March 07, 2011

Slow week in crafty land

The knitting thing is getting a little easier. This week I started and finished another sock, this time for The Husband. It's made out of a really lovely sport weight yarn, Knit Picks Felici Sport. It's thicker than your usual sock yarn, which I thought would work to make a man's sock with the same pattern I used for my socks, and I was right. Just a little length added to the cuff and foot, but otherwise all the stitches remained the same. Another benefit of this yarn is that the stripes worked up at just about an inch apiece, so I didn't have to do much measuring. And I finally conquered kitchener stitch, which is used to close up the toe. I mangled it badly on both of my socks.

Word to the wise though: if you get this yarn to make yourself a pair of socks, get two balls of yarn per pair of socks. I had some yarn left over after making a man's sock, but not much. I suppose you might be able to eke out two ankle socks, but with yarn this soft and yummy you want full coverage.

On a recent episode of Knitting Daily they were talking about other uses for sock yarn, which appealed to me because I have lots of odds and ends from my various sock attempts. The Husband was all over the blanket  they showed made out of sock yarn, and decided he wanted one of his own, so I started making granny squares from my leftovers. They are really very nice and soft and have great drape, and I think that once they're all blocked it'll be a very comfortable blanket. I just don't think it'll be too easy on the eyes. But he doesn't care, so I'll just grit my teeth.


She said...

Good Lord - I've been trying to force myself to put the back and the batting together for a quilt top I've finished for a week now. I have to add a 10inch x 90 inch piece of batting to the queen bat I bought (should have gotten a king - damn) and I didn't have enough yardage to do three 90 inch long (by 40" wide) pieces (neat and tidy, two seams across the back, all one color) I'm fussing with the back and putting in two six inch strips of the leftover fabric from the front, now I have to do a 20" strip from something else for the middle, but I don't want to lose more of the purple off the bottom than necessary (the long-arm quilter requires 5" overhang all the way around)......sigh. Can't I just hire someone to do that part for me? :)

Your slow week seems like light speed to me.......

thatlarkin said...

Your next project?