Monday, March 28, 2011

Another only semi-productive week

Although you wouldn't know it from the state of my "work space." I really need to organize myself better.

That photo of the pretty green socks is what I'm hoping to achieve with small needles and charts. Charts!

I did start working on the complicated sock that's knitted on teeny size 1 needles. But I'm also trying to finish another sock, so I really didn't get too far. I now know how to knit through the back loop though, so I've got that going for me.

I don't know how clear it is, but the one on the left is using much smaller needles than the one on the right.
The best part of my weekend, though, was heading down to Biago Fine Chocolate for their monthly chocolate tasting. I picked up some really interesting stuff, including some tasty super-dark chocolate, a chocolate toffee (which is already history), and a bar from Dubai made with camel milk that's really quite interesting. I love me some Biagio.

That's $56 worth of chocolate right there. I don't mess around.

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She said...

Ooooo! Did you think of me? Wish I could have been there! I hope you said Hi and Kisses from me to the Biagio crew! I'm still hoarding and slooooowly eating my last two bars of "The Elbow" #2. MMMMMMM!!!!

Your workspace looks like my house! I've discovered that when the house is messy and I have too many projects started at once, it paralyzes me, and I can't get anything done. I did manage a few rows on my last sock of the current pair while watching "Black Swan" last night. Need to learn to knit without looking......