Monday, April 18, 2011

A shocking development

I got quite a bit accomplished this week (well, mostly this weekend ... well ... mostly Sunday).

I successfully finished the heel flap on my sock.

I successfully turned the heel on my sock.

Look at that thing. It's gorgeous!

This morning I even managed to pick up the stitches from the sides and get everything back onto three needles.

It's possible that it's relatively smooth sailing from here on. *knock on wood*

What else did I do? Glad you asked. I think I figured out how to do Tunisian crochet on a double-pointed hook. My first swatch attempt was an unmitigated disaster, but this time around things worked better. I need to do another swatch on a smaller hook though. The gauge is off.

When I frogged this it became clear that the blue and the white are two entirely independent layers. Really odd to rip out the white and be left with a husk of blue.

And here's the shocking development: I DID SOME WEAVING THIS WEEKEND.

I know! What's the world coming to?

Still not sure whether using alpaca for a pattern that calls for chenille will work.
Can you see the pattern? I can only see it from certain angles. I think my yarn colors don't contrast enough.
But at least I feel like I look like a weaver now, what with my new outrageous Old Lady Readers.
Last but not least, this weekend I sampled some interesting chocolates straight from Dublin, Ireland, courtesy of my friend Jennifer.

I much preferred the Irish whiskey one over the Guinness one. Another shocking development!

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