Monday, April 25, 2011

Slow and steady progress

This week I made some serious progress on the sock. I navigated past the heel and successfully decreased the stitches back to the original 70. Now it's just a few more inches for the foot and then the toe decrease. I might just finish it this week!

Apparently I am finally past my tendency to knit and crochet way too tightly. This thing fits!

I also did some more weaving over the weekend. One repeat of this pattern takes about an hour, so that's all I can manage at any one time. Still not convinced that this project will be a success, but on the other hand I haven't broken any threads yet, which I was worried about last week.

There's a bit of fabric building up.
Still having a hard time seeing the pattern, sadly.
And finally, about five or six years ago I started a crochet pattern with super bulky baby alpaca yarn, which was about the most wonderful yarn I'd ever run across. It was made on a very large size N hook, I think. I got a few rows in and got confused by the directions. I put it down, not realizing that I hadn't marked where I left off. Fast forward to six years later, and the damn thing is still haunting me. So I dug it out of its bag yesterday, took some photos, and then frogged it. I am going to start over and this time I will finish it!

This photo doesn't begin to convey the beautiful color or soft feel of this yarn. Trust me, it's yummy.
That is one gigantic hook right there.

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Anonymous said...

Every time you post, I get inspired anew! Seeing you doing such a beautiful job with those socks makes me want to make some, too..I've struggled with knitting being stressful and crochet being so easy for me, but I've seen you say similar things and if you can do such an amazing job, maybe I can tackle something - easier, but still!

Gorgeous work!