Monday, May 02, 2011

All kinds of goodies to share

First and foremost: I finished the sock!

And it is a beauty
I'm really quite pleased with myself
Super closeup of the toeses
Did I start on sock #2? I did not. I needed a break.

Instead, I restarted the baby alpaca cardigan from a million years ago. This time I am keeping track of where I am, but hopefully that won't be an issue because I WILL NOT put it aside for another five years.

After the sock, it's weird to (a) be crocheting something, and (b) be using such huge yarn.
And, because I had a few hours to myself yesterday, and therefore could start something that required concentration, without being constantly interrupted, I wound a warp!

In three bundles.

And dragged my poor neglected Baby Wolf out into the light.

Unfolded it...

And got out my weaver's bible.

Honestly, anyone who's thinking about weaving should get this book. I never start a project without it at my side.
I got the warp attached to the back beam and got it spread in the raddle.

And then wound it onto the back beam and inserted the lease sticks into the cross.

Usually I try to do all these steps where the loom lives, in a corner in my bedroom. Never again! It was so much easier to drag the loom into the living room where I had room to maneuver. Next up: threading the heddles and sleying the reed. I won't be able to start weaving until my cabin project is done though. I only have two shuttles and they're both in use at the moment.

All in all, not a bad week, craft-wise.


She said...

Orange sock - VERY impressive! And the new warp? Even on internet, I can tell it's a FABU color! Looking forward to seeing what it grows up to be!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the socks~ Gorgeous!!

Congrats on finishing them!