Monday, May 16, 2011

Not much to share this week

This is what happens when you work on time-consuming projects. Not much of interest happens from day to day, until suddenly you find yourself finished and ready to move on to the next thing.

However, yesterday I did do some more weaving on the alpaca cabin project.

More fabric building up
You can see that there are just a few layers of paper left to unroll. I might be able to get this project finished next weekend!
Here's the pattern I'm working from and why one repeat takes an hour.
I'm also plugging away on sock number 2! I'm getting a little cocky as well. I forgot to yarn over during one repeat, realized it too late, and was all, whatevs. I'll just make a new stitch on the next round. I think my fear of knitting is behind me.
And for a little added variety, behold my herb garden, 2011.

The sides are falling down, so we have plans to use real wood from a store to make it more sturdy. Eventually.

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She said...

Oooooo......Aaaaaahhhh! Herbs are bonita! Is the toilet planter still in use? I bought some garlic chive today - going to plant it on my deck as apparently it is a weed and not welcome in the actual garden.