Monday, August 22, 2011


The sock, she is done.

This is where Shaun the tape measure sheep and I decided to start the toe. Don't judge me for my ratty toenail polish.
Several hours later, and voila!

The pattern is more clearly seen here. Note how it travels all the way into the heel.
The obligatory heel shot.
I've decided that these socks are going to be a Christmas present for someone with a slightly smaller foot than mine so that's why it seems a little stretched.

But I appear to have plenty of yarn left for sock 2! I got the stitches cast on and a few cuff rows done but forgot to take a photo.

And I'm nearing the finish line of the thread runner.

Eleven rows down, two to go! Now it's a race to see whether I can get 10 more motifs done with the thread I have left.

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