Monday, September 19, 2011

I need a new project

Or perhaps I just need to suck it up and attend to the two weaving projects that I sort of started and then abandoned. I have a bad habit of doing that. So: not much to share this week.

Some more progress on the second sock ... in fact I might just finish it this coming weekend.

I finished the heel flap.
And turned the heel.
And picked up stitches along the sides and wrestled everything back onto three needles.
And finished the instep. I have about 35 more rows of the foot to do, then the toe, then I'm done!
In crochet news, check out this awesome crocheted parasol, which I found here.

So. Cute.


She said...

Tell me you don't count the foot rows.....?! :) I'll post tonight, have a couple things finally done! The house thing this fall is really going to set me back from Christmas sewing! Yikes!

Parasol IS cute! Wouldn't do much good up here....but for sun it would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Your projects are so nice! I was admiring your Thread Tablecloth (Cathedral Windows) on Ravelry. I noticed that there isn't a photo featured on the pattern, and your photo has been requested. Could you pop into Ravelry and approve the request? I'm part of a group on Ravelry whose mission is to connect photo less patterns with good photos. Your Tablecloth is so beautiful! It would look great on the pattern page! Let me know if I can be of any help. (I'll friend you on Ravelry.)

Michelle said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'm not sure what you mean about there not being a photo. I really need to do a complete update on Ravelry, but for the moment I put a photo up of the finished tablecloth, here: