Monday, September 26, 2011


I made progress on many fronts this week.

I started threading the heddles for the bamboo project, and then I remembered that fully half of the heddles in this project are on shaft 1, and I didn't have enough ready, so I had to undo my work, shift a bunch of heddles over to the left, and start over.

*le sigh*

But at least I didn't get too far before I remembered this crucial fact. The first time I made this scarf I got to nearly the very end and ran out of heddles, and that required some bad words to be said while I enlisted Tech Support to help me move some from another shaft.

It could have been worse.
I also enlisted Tech Support's help to fix the horrible loop problem on the chenille project, but now that it's fixed it's still a giant mess. It might be easier to just scrap it altogether and start over. We'll see.

In other news, the second sock is done!

Here we are just before starting on the toe.
And here they are as a pair! I think I might try to block these babies so the lace will be more clear.
And finally, now that the socks are done, I was forced to go back to the border of the pineapple doily. I frogged it and started over. Turns out I'd started it in the wrong place before which was why the directions weren't working for me. Worked like a charm the second time around.

This is about halfway through the border process.
You see those little clusters at the top? Triple crochet clusters coming off of a 10-stitch chain. Crocheters will know what a pain in the rear that was. That row of border alone took me a couple of hours.
And now the border is done. All that's left is four little motifs in the middle to bring it all together, and then blocking (and starching, probably).

And finally, a couple of grannies and weavette squares to use up the sock yarn. My pile of both is growing, but not yet big enough to make anything.

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