Monday, April 16, 2012

Halfway there

I now have 13 of 24 repeats done. Woo! Things are going a little more quickly, but I still need to pay really close attention. I'm still occasionally ending a row with too many or too few stitches. I'm trying not to get to angsty about it.

It's starting to curl up like a snake. Blocking becomes more and more a certainty of this scarf's future.
OCD chart counting!

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She said...

Beautiful! I spent most of the weekend - you guessed it - hauling rocks, brother came over on Sunday with an excavator, pulled out a few tree stumps, and the ugly satellite dish, and smoothed out the future lawn. Now raking, shaping, then hauling topsoil. I did take photos, and am ALMOST (now that taxes and big dirt/rock work is mostly done) ready to get back to blogging - except now I'm going to have around 6 posts all at once! Got together with Sam Nelson and family (visiting from oz), Brian Holst, Amy Jo, Julie H and Kristin last night at my place - very fun to see everyone!