Monday, April 09, 2012

It's starting to look like something now

I did a ton of work on the skinny scarf this weekend. I now have 10 of 23 pattern repeats done. It takes me a couple of hours to do one repeat (which consists of 16 rows), so I suppose that means I spent most of the weekend knitting. When I wasn't reading or drinking Very Strong Beer.

You can't even tell where I messed up and lost count!

And I may just have enough yarn to knit the whole thing. I wasn't sure at first.

The obligatory closeup shot. I'm still convinced that this will look (a) totally different, and (b) way better after it's been blocked.


Andi said...

I just LOVE that scarf! I can't wait to see it blocked! And I know what you mean - I'm so much slower at lace than I'd like to be. Only took me about 20 repeats on a very small lace patterned edge to get it down without looking. LOL!! :)

gorgeous color and awesome pattern!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I still am not a good enough knitter that I can memorize a pattern yet. Give me five minutes with a crochet motif chart and I'm good to go, but I'm still hunched over the damn scarf chart every other row, and don't expect that it'll change. Thankfully I don't have to remember anything for the purl rows!

She said...

Michelle - amazing! I wish I had been knitting and listening to public radio with you last weekend - - instead I moved rocks. Many, many rocks. And last night was "death to Mhogu" night (squatty ugly pine thing in the middle of what will be the grass) - I shall have to blog soon - but it's been nice, who knows when my brother will suddenly be 'ready' with the baby excavator, so I'm gardening like mad. Tonight: Gravel. So many piles of gravel. I will say one thing: Gardening is good excercise.