Monday, April 02, 2012

I kind of dig knitted lace

Things I like about knitted lace: (1) you only have to fret about the pattern every other row. (2) Watching the pattern emerge. (3) For a skinny scarf, only 49 stitches!

The edging and I believe 3 of 23 pattern repeats.

Things I don't like about knitted lace: (1) The alternating row is all purls (unless it's a sock, in which case it's all knits, which rocks). (2) Having to pay close attention to where you are in the row. (The Husband interrupted me this weekend, which made me lose my place, which made me mess up the pattern. I still don't know how to unknit a slip one, knit two together, pass one over.)

I think this should be really nice once it's blocked.


Loree Jackson said...

The scarf is going to be really pretty when done :)

She said...

Amazing! I have yarns, and patterns, just can't seem to get past moving boxes (again) and getting construction set up so I have time to knit! (Plus, TV is now NOT in the same room as comfy couch, which is decidedly not helpful.) You are inspiring me to get started soon!